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In 2013, LCFS began a collaboration with Community Health Network in a management and services arrangement that will strengthen and enhance the level of care for children suffering from complex traumatic and behavioral issues. The children who are assisted by LCFS will now have access to a larger and more diverse network of trained behavioral healthcare specialists at Community Health Network to oversee the healthcare needs of the children. “The collaboration will lead to better outcomes for more children and their families, at a time when these services are in great demand,” said LCFS CEO Sven Schumacher. So what does this mean for LCFS? It means that through its participation in the collaboration, LCFS will continue its programs for troubled children and families. LCFS itself will offer spiritual care programs for children, their families and staff as it has for nearly 130 years. “This collaboration is a tremendous opportunity to explore new programs and ideas with Community Health Network as LCFS continually looks to enhance its mission and further benefit those it serves in the community,” said LCFS Foundation President Bob Kassing.The collaboration will also allow LCFS to strengthen the quality of its services and programs to provide the best opportunities for children and their families to resume their lives together. “The community will greatly benefit from the synergy born from the collaboration between LCFS and Community Health Network as this new arrangement will enable an expansive continuum of care that will provide a wide array of services to meet the daily needs of youth and families seeking help, understanding and healing.” said George Hurd as Chief Operating Officer of the collaboration between LCFS and Community Health Network (CHN).
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