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Every day at public, private and parochial schools located throughout Indianapolis, children of all ages attend class without the most basic supplies they need to get a good education. Dedicated teachers are often willing to pay for these much needed supplies out oftheir own pockets to make sure the kids in their classrooms have the necessary tools to learn. Teachers' Treasures, in partnership with local businesses, charitable foundations, neighborhood organizations and individual contributors, helps fill this need by operating a volunteer based "Free Store for Teachers." Donated educational supplies and other materials are distributed via this unique conduit to teachers for the benefit of their students. Teachers' Treasures offers a variety of group volunteer activities that can be tailored to your group or organization. Please contact Judy Kiemeyer at(317) 264-1758 or judy@teacherstreasures.org for more information on getting your group involved.For every 12 hours worked, our volunteers can earn extra "shopping trips" for an eligible teacher or school of their choice. What a great way to say "Thank you!" to the teachers in your life!

Mission: Teachers' Treasures helps at-risk children get the materials they need to succeed in school by providing teachers with donated educational supplies for use by the students in their classroom.
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