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Timmy Global Health believes that quality healthcare is a basic human right, and we have a unique approach to delivering essential care to those most in need.

By supporting the missions of our partner organizations and complementing their work with short-term medical service teams, in-kind resources, and annual funding, we seek to build their capacity, expand their outreach, and help provide quality healthcare to marginalized, underserved communities in the developing world. Via our outreach to students throughout the United States-the next generation of doctors, nurses, and public health professionals--we help inspire a movement of leaders who actively understand the role they can and should play in transforming the lives of others, regardless of where they end up.

While our medical service teams that currently travel to the Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic are often the most visible aspect of our work, Timmys volunteers are just a piece of a much larger attempt to ensure that Timmy patients and families have access to the quality healthcare they need. We recognize that short-term medical service teams are limited in their ability to address many complex health challenges. But we believe that those efforts paired with longer-term commitments to partner organizations and individual communities can improve health outcomes in a systematic, and profound fashion.

Mission: Expanding access to healthcare; empowering students and volunteers to tackle global health challenges.
65 People | 25 Impacts | 59 Hours | 1,319 Total Economic Impact

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