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Christel House



A Global Children's Charity - Christel House transforms the lives of impoverished children around the world – breaking the cycle of poverty and building self-sufficient, contributing members of society. 
Christel House is a holistic model designed to transform the lives of impoverished children. We do this by focusing on the “whole child.”  We don't just educate, or feed, or provide health care—we do all of these things—from early childhood through early adulthood. We develop the total child.

Christel House offers robust K-12 education and a strong character development program are complemented with regular health care, nutritious meals, guidance counseling, career planning, family assistance and college & careers support.
Christel House embodies the philosophy of 12th Century Philosopher, Maimonides—“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Christel House Outcomes:
  • Our graduates have the dignity, comportment, values, skills and abilities to make a positive contribution to society
  • Our students stay in school, graduate, continue their studies and gain employment
  • Our commitment to students is often 18 years or more—from kindergarten to career
  • Our model creates a “multiplier effect,” as once the cycle of poverty is broken, all future generations benefit

Christel House Works: 2018 Global Statistics
  • Average daily attendance rate 96% - Students K-12
  • Annual K-12 Student retention rate of 96% 
  • Standardized test scores that surpass benchmark public schools by high margins
  • 99% of students passed graduation exams
  • 92% of College & Careers students continuing studies or gainfully employed
  • 5,154 Total number of students served including College & Careers
100% of donations support programs and services for children. Overhead and fundraising costs are covered by the organization's Founder. 
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